Saturday, June 2, 2012

Various Problems Found in Children With Ear Deformities

Children with ear deformities must deal with circumstances that other children who do not have the same set of circumstances do not have to cope with. Having an ear that is deformed can be a challenging condition that can lead to cruel taunts and teasing by the child's peers.
Your family doctor can help you to find a doctor who specializes in treating children with ear deformities. There are corrective treatment methods that are surgical in nature but also those that are non-surgical. Some of the common deformities that youngsters can suffer from include microtia, prominent ear, lidding, cup ear, lop ear, conchal crus and helical compression. If you suffer from a minor ear malformation then finding the right doctor to treat the condition can mean the difference between having it treated well or not having it treated at all.
Children with ear deformities can suffer from any number of conditions. Once you can better understand what your child has you will then be able to help your son or daughter deal with the circumstances of it. From there you can find a doctor who can treat the medical condition and return your youngster's ears to a normal appearance.
Prominent ears are sometimes referred to as cup ears or lop ears. This deformity is such that the ears project or protrude from the head more than the distance that is considered normal for the human ear. The average normal projected distance for the ear is roughly in the range of 15 to 18 millimeters. That goes for children, teenagers and adults. Overprojection of the ear is something seen in children with ear deformities but is something that can be successfully treated by a skilled surgeon.
Constricted ear is a deformity that is evidenced by the partial absence of cartilage and skin in the vicinity of the ear. In this case a lidding of the superior helical rim is what is obvious. The doctor can come up with an appropriate treatment method to improve an ear with a constricted deformity.
Microtia is a deformity of the ear that is seen at birth. It is the absence of the majority of the exterior ear (projecting portion of the ear from the head) known as the pinna. A person who suffers from microtia may have a small vestige of the auricle or pinna and a tiny portion of the earlobe may be present. However in most cases the external auditory canal as well as the tragus will not be there at all.

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